The Company

Specialists in the creation of reliable and efficient machinery

Pedrotti manufacture products intented for the agricultural and mechanical industries

Pedrotti was founded in 1949 and specialises in the manufacture of equipment and machines for the agriculture industry; renowned for their robustness and functionality, they are the perfect tools for an optimal management of any kind of work.

Our company has for years been on the agricultural and the industrial machine markets and we operate on both a national and international level.

Nowadays every job requires a specific piece of equipment. In order to meet this demand, we undertook to produce reliable, heavy-duty and efficient products that are able to meet all the demands of the consumer. Our focal point is that we can produce customised products or adapt them to the client’s specific requirements.

In the agricultural sector we specialise in the production of forklifts, bale cutters with two blades, carts for stacking bales, wrapped bale clamps, telescopic equipment and specifications for bio-gas plants whilst in the mechanical field we produce lifts and lifting platforms.


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